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Southwest Airlines Cheap Flights Status Check

According to the Southwest Airlines About Us page, the Airline was founded by Herbert Kelleher and Rollin King in 1966 as Southwest Airlines Co. Four years later, the name changed to what we know today as Southwest Airlines. It’s at this time that it started offering service from Love Field, Downtown Dallas.  

Southwest Airlines has major hubs at Chicago Midway, Denver, Baltimore-Washington, Las Vegas, Houston Hobby, Phoenix,  Dallas Love Field, and  Atlanta. However, Dallas Love Field is still the headquarters of Southwest Airlines. Over 56,000 employees are working at Southwest Airlines.  You should know more information about Southwest Airlines, which we’ll cover in the following sections.

Southwest Airlines Booking

Over 55 million passengers book Southwest Airlines booking every year. That’s a testament to the fact that the airline offers countless travel deals. The good news is that there are southwest airlines deals for both domestic and international passengers.

Southwest Airlines Stock

After COVID-19 was first reported in the U.S., the regulations were set aside to combat the spread of infections. Lockdown and restricted travel were among them, and coronavirus heavily affected major Airlines. Even investors were worried about their shares, but the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine changed everything.  

Southwest Airlines have been striving to offer its services while creating a conducive environment for investors and shareholders.  At the moment, South west Airlines have a market capitalization of 30.622B.

Other Information about Southwest Airline Stock Is Provided Below:

Previous close 51.98
Open 51.65
Day’s Range 51.37 – 52.46
52-week Range 30.24 – 64.75
Volume 6,212,712
Average Volume 6,129,196

Based on this information about Southwest Airlines Stock, it’s clear that the airline’ effort to improve can’t be overlooked. It’s, therefore, a good place to invest your fortunes.

Southwest Airlines Flight Status Check

After booking your flight, you want to know the status of your Southwest Airlines flight. Well, that’s a good thing to do because a flight can be cancelled due to some reason and it may be very astonishing to know it at the last minute. However, Southwest Airlines is an organized airline that cares for its customers. You will always get notifications in case of such incidents.

But the fact is that knowing the status of your flight is very important. Through the Southwest Airlines website, you can assess your flight status by route or by flight number. Using the Flight Number, you can easily find the status of that flight. However, to check flight status by route, you’ll need the following;

  • Departure city or airport code
  • Arrival city or airport code
  • Departure Date 
  • Flight Number

Southwest Airlines Check-in

Southwest Airlines booking is always easy and strict as there are no complications. Whether you prefer booking online or at the airport, you’ll find the whole process fascinating. However, the challenge that many travelers do encounter is during the check-in process. 

The long queue at the ticket counter check-in, which many other airlines offer, can be daunting.  However, South west Airlines Check-in policy allows travelers to book their flights in more than one way. Here is what you should know about  Southwest Airlines check-in.

Southwest Airlines Online Web Check-in

Suppose your first flight is on Southwest Airlines and you have an electronic ticket, then online web check-in is the best option for you. However, passengers who want to use this form of check-in should be in a position to check their booking via a frequent flyer account, an e-ticket number, or a confirmation code.

On the other hand, the online web check-in method isn’t recommended for special needs passengers such as unaccompanied minors or passengers with a pet. Based on Southwest Airlines check-in policy, online web check-in must be 24 hours to 60 minutes before departure.

Cheap Flights for Southwest Airlines

There’s no other airline that offers cheaper flights than Southwest Airlines. Here’s some good news both domestic and international flyers can leverage Southwest Airlines cheap flights. Travelers will be happy to know that they can enjoy incredible discounts of over 15 percent.

How to Book Southwest Cheap Flight

Probably, you’re wondering about available Southwest cheap flight booking options. Well. Here are some of the booking options available for you.

Call us for Southwest Airlines Tickets

Most flyers opt to contact customer care to request flight booking services. Don’t hesitate to dial +1-855-738-3598 total to a customer care agent. More often than not, these agents don’t charge clients for offering them Southwest Airlines Online booking assistance.

Online Booking

A passenger can visit to book an air ticket. You’ll have to click the ‘Low Fare Calendar’ option to see all available Southwest Airlines deals. Alternatively, you can begin by providing all the necessary flight and personal details.

After that, you’ll need to compare all the flight fares on offer. Kindly feel at liberty to book the most budget-friendly flight for you.

Travel agency

Travelers have a reason to smile as Southwest Airlines recognizes third-party bookings. Therefore, you can visit your nearest travel agency to book a cheap flight. Kindly note that the airline has partnered with specific travel agencies.

Don’t be surprised if you get a Southwest Airlines $59.00 deal. More often than not, Southwest Airlines’ travel policies apply to third-party booking

Southwest Airlines Mobile App

Passengers can take advantage of Southwest Airlines flight deals on the Southwest Airlines mobile app. However, for the app, the easiest option is to compare the flight fares.

Southwest Airlines Mobile Check-in

You must meet all the conditions on online web check-in before you can use the mobile check-in option.  Other than that, you must also not be a passenger using international flights from/to the U.S.  Lastly, confirm if the airport you are flying from accepts mobile check-in.

Southwest Airlines Car Hire Deals

These days, flyers can hire a car on any of Southwest Airlines’ platforms. You won’t believe that you can hire a car for at least $25 per day. Feel free to visit and navigate to the ‘Car Special Offers’ section.

Here’s some exciting news, you can earn over 2500 points whenever you book a car. It’s advisable that you compare the rental fee before you choose a given company.

Southwest Airlines Vacation Deals

If you’re planning to go for a vacation, you can capitalize on Southwest Airlines vacation deals. You’ll be relieved to know that you combine your flight and accommodation in one booking.

In some cases, you can include a flight, car, and hotel in the same Southwest Airlines booking. Unknown to some, Southwest Airlines has partnered with multiple hotels to make traveling much more affordable.

Here is a list of some of these five-star hotels that you can stay in:

  • Bunbury Hotel
  • Cape lodge
  • Smiths Beach Resort
  • Abbey Beach Resort
  • Sleepwell Motels

Feel free to visit to see more holiday deals that you can consider.

Southwest Airlines low fare calendar

Are you looking for the best way to save on your travel expenses during your next journey? Southwest Airlines has many offers for their customers, including discounted travel, among others. However, before looking at Southwest Airlines’ low fare calendar, check out the following airfare classes the Airline has to offer. 

Business Select

  • 1 personal item, one carry-on baggage, and two checked baggage
  • No change/cancellation fee
  • 12 Rapid Rewards Point for every dollar spent
  • 12 months flight credit validity period
  • Same-day change and Same-day standby
  • Free movies, inflight messaging, and live T.V.
  • Priority boarding A1-A15 and security lanes4
  • Complimentary premium drink


  • One personal item, one carry-on baggage, and two checked baggage
  • No change/cancellation fee
  • 10 Rapid Rewards Point for every dollar spent
  • 12 months flight credit validity period
  • Free movies, inflight messaging, and live TV
  • Same-day change and Same-day standby

Wanna Get Away

  • 1 personal item, one carry-on baggage, and two checked baggage
  • No change/cancellation fee
  • 10 Rapid Rewards Point for every dollar spent
  • 12 months flight credit validity period
  • Free movies, inflight messaging, and live T.V.

If you are looking for Low fare flights, then booking a Wanna Getaway ticket would be beneficial. However, there will be a lot of limitations. Also, by booking 3-30 days to departure date, you will get cheap flights. 

But without having to undergo all the guesswork, you can enjoy using the Southwest Airlines low fare calendar that provides you with information on the best day to find cheap flights. It’s a feature that’s available for those considering multi-city, one way or round trip, and you can use points or dollars to book these flights

Southwest Airlines Email Subscription

You’ll be happy to know that you can subscribe to Southwest Airlines’ email alerts. Once you do so, the airline will email you all available Frontier flight deals. The good news is that the airline includes all the necessary links to make booking easier for you.

Kindly visit Southwest Airlines’ official website to subscribe to email alerts. You’ll have to scroll to the bottom and click the ‘Subscribe’ option. You’ll get direct notification of all available Southwest Airlines specials.

For instance, you’ll get information about available Southwest Airlines cheap tickets. All you need to do is to click on the link to complete the booking.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Based on Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy, every passenger can have one carry-on bag, one personal item, and two checked pieces of baggage on all Fare classes.  However, your pieces of luggage should adhere to the Southwest airlines baggage policy, and else an additional fee will be applied. Before packing your bags, below is everything you should know about Southwest Airlines baggage policy.

Carry-on Baggage

As we have pointed out, you can only carry one carry-on bag, which will undergo physical inspection per the TSA requirement. The bag should be within a measurement of 10x16x24 inches. Any sharp object that may inflict pain on the agent handling your bag must be wrapped

Personal Item

Your food container, briefcase, laptop, or purse could be part of the personal item. Based on Southwest Airlines pet policy, your personal item should fit below the seat in front of you. The linear measurement should be within 18.5-inch x 8.5-inch x 13.5-inch. If it doesn’t fit under the seat, you’ll have to put it in the overhead cabin. 

Checked Baggage

As per the Southwest airlines baggage policy, customers can only have two checked bags on board without paying for the fees. The bags are subjected to thorough physical inspection as recommended by TSA policies.  The checked baggage should have a linear dimension of 62 inches (length + width + height) and must not weigh more than 50 pounds. 

Excess, Overweight and Oversized baggage

  • Oversized Baggage: Southwest Airlines categorizes a  bag weighing between 51 pounds and 100 pounds as overweight baggage. The fee for overweight baggage is charged at $75. Lastly, overweight baggage can’t exceed 100 lbs.
  • Oversized Baggage:  If you have a piece of baggage with a linear dimension between 62 inches and 80 inches, Southwest Airlines will regard it as oversized baggage. An oversized baggage fee of $75 will be applied to your fare.  However, if you have a bag that’s oversized and overweight, you’ll be charged $75. 
  • Excess Baggage Policy: If you have more than two pieces of luggage, an excess baggage fee will apply. Every bag other than the accepted ones will be charged $75, which is applied one way. Assuming you have an excess bag that’s overweight or/and oversized, then you’ll pay the excess baggage fees and overweight/oversized fee ($75 +$75)

Special Cases

Are your military personnel traveling on active duty or permanent change of station directives? Well, you are lucky because Southwest Airline Baggage Policy exempts you from the excess, overweight, oversized baggage fees and the checked baggage policy. You can have more than two checked baggage as long as they don’t weigh more than 100 pounds or have over 80 inches linear dimension.

Southwest Airlines Sale

Based on the Southwest Airlines sales program, there are normally two main fare sales annually. That’s in October and June. For June 2021, the starting fare sales were lower than the previous years, but this was due to the effect of COVID-19, which is understandable.  

In March 2021 and June 2021,  there are sales of affordable tickets as low as $49, $39 and even $59 to various Airline destinations listed on their website.  You can sign up for the Southwest Airlines newsletter to stay posted on any travel deals and sales.


Southwest Airlines Flight Status

  • What are forms of Southwest Airlines check-in permitted?

    Southwest Airlines check-in policy allow travelers to check-in through Online web check-in, Mobile Check-in, Southwest Airlines curbside check-in, Ticket counter check-in, Check-in kiosk, or Early Bird check-in

  • What are the main Southwest Airline classes?

    To offer exclusive services to every customer, Southwest Airlines offers three main classes, i.e., Business Select, Anytime, and Wanna Get Away.

  • How many pieces of luggage can I carry?

    Southwest Airlines baggage policy allows passengers to carry 1 carry-on baggage, 1 personal item, and two checked baggage. However, excess, overweight or oversized baggage will be charged at $75.  If the bag is excess and overweight or oversized, a $75 + $75 will be applied.

  • Does Southwest Airlines allow pets onboard?

    Based on Southwest Airlines Pet policy, only six pets can be allowed on board except under special circumstances. A pet-approved carrier is required that’s leakproof and ventilated. Only one pet carrier is allowed per passenger. The carrier can carry up to two pets (dogs or cats) of the same species. However, a fee of  $95 is required per pet.

  • What is Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar

    Southwest Airlines low fare calendar is a feature that enables travelers to find low-cost fares. You can search flight for multi-city, one way, or round trip as long as you enter other details correctly.