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What are the special flight services offered by the airlines?

There are certain services that are not the part of the flight ticket and these are available on request by the airlines.  These special services include carrying of the musical instruments, sports equipment, wheelchairs etc. The travelers need to check with international airlines. 


What is meant by SSR and OSI?

The acronym SSR is Special Services Data while the acronym OSI means Other Services Information. Both these terms are applicable to all the passengers and the flights.


Are there any refunds executed against the flight cancelation?

There are refunds available to the traveler by the airlines, if it plans not to fly for a certain reason. However, these policies do not come on cheap flight tickets. Again, the traveler needs to check with the respective airlines to ensure better and more realistic options available to them against the flight cancelation.  Make it sure that travelers have non-refundable tickets with them.


What is meant by the Xsat Special Services?

The XSAT confirms that the traveler has completed the Web Check-in for the domestic flights or Check-In is made with auto assigned seat. It is the special service that ensures the confirmation of the Check-In. The travelers should make sure about the confirmation only after they have received the documents in their inbox.


What is FAST?

FAST (Free and Secure Trade) is the equivalent for international truck drivers. Membership in either program can expedite border clearance through the use of dedicated lanes.


What is NEXUS?

NEXUS is a joint U.S./Canadian program for pre-approved, low-risk travelers and requires an extensive background check and a face-to-face interview with border officials of both nations.