The 6 Most Exciting New Airline Routes for 2022

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The 6 Most Exciting New Airline Routes for 2022

Posted By: Admin 22 Feb, 2022

If you’re a frequent flyer or are just looking to get away, then this list of the 15 most exciting New Airline Routes for 2022 might be what you need. This list has been put together by aviation experts and explores some of the best value destinations that will be connected in 2022. From diverse wildlife to authentic cultures, these routes promise to offer something for everyone, and Get Book the Flights For Cheap Flights Deals with us!

We hope you enjoy reading about these destinations and make your next travel experience one that is truly unforgettable!

Trending destinations for 2022

It’s very likely that you’ve already heard of Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates known for its futuristic architecture and luxury shopping. But did you know it will be possible to fly there direct from Miami, Florida, Orlando Airlines? There are big changes coming to the world of international travel! International carriers such as Emirates and Qatar Airways will be making new routes available in 2022. For example, the new connection between Miami and Dubai will allow passengers the opportunity to enjoy everything that both destinations have to offer.

Please enjoy this list of 15 exciting destinations to watch out for in 2022.

The 6 Most Exciting New Airline Routes for 2022

  1. Santiago, Chile to Lima, Peru – Every traveler’s dream is to experience the diverse wildlife and authentic cultures of South America so they can put their stamp on their bucket list.
  2. Dallas to Nashville, Tennessee – The country-western music capital of the U.S., Nashville has a lot in store for its visitors.
  3. Houston to Madrid, Spain – This new route will be the shortest nonstop flight between Europe and the United States!
  4. Los Angeles to Oslo, Norway – Norwegian Airlines’ new nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Oslo is sure to be popular with those looking for a cold climate escape this summer. This route promises that and more!
  5. Boston (BOS) To Reykjavik (KEF) – Iceland is home to awe-inspiring natural wonders like waterfalls and lava fields as well as fascinating history museums with an emphasis on Nordic culture. If you’re looking for a destination where you can visit glaciers or check out Viking settlements, then Iceland might just be your next travel spot!

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What do you need to know about these routes?

– All new routes will be in the northern hemisphere

– The list is ranked alphabetically by continent

– This list will be updated as more information becomes available

– Addis Ababa to Cairo – Ethiopian Airlines launching a daily nonstop service between the two cities

– Tunis to Madrid – TAP Portugal plans on launching a regular service to Tunis in 2022, which would allow passengers to get from Madrid to North Africa. Currently, there is only one way of getting from Europe Airlines to North Africa. That’s either via Algeria or Morocco.


If it seems like we’re talking about a lot of new routes, we are. This list is in no way exhaustive, but it’s a great jumping-off point for those who want to take their business to new heights. And the good news is, you don’t need to wait two years to take advantage of these new opportunities—just contact your airline and find out how you can get on board now.

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