The One Bucket List Thing You Must Do in All 50 States

The One Bucket List Thing You Must Do in All 50 States

The One Bucket List Thing You Must Do in All 50 States

Posted By: Admin 30 Aug, 2021

All the 50 states of the US are made up of a variety of attractive destinations for everyone to explore. The One Bucket List Thing You Must Do in All 50 States from exotic wilderness regions to amazing natural wonders, captivating cities, historical landmarks to open roads, food scenes, and incredible holiday spots, American Airlines Booking offers you an opportunity to experience the thrill of any one of these. 

  1. Freedom Trail, Boston

Walking the 2.5 miles Freedom Trail path that passes through 16 historical landmarks can be an unforgettable experience. 

  1. Philly Cheese Steaks from Geno & Pat

Yes, there are many places you get an amazing cheesesteak in Philly. But Geno and Pat will offer one-of-a-kind cheesesteak that you don’t want to miss. 

  1. Broadway Show, NYC

There’s so much you can do here but you’ll have to focus on the ‘big things’ first! You can, for example, walk through the Brooklyn Bridge, take a stroll through the SoHo & Greenwich Village, or eat some pastrami sandwiches at Katz’s Deli.  

  1. Cape Cod Drive to Provincetown

There’s a lot to see if you’d drive from the Bourne Bridge to Truto’s vineyards and the Cape Cod National Seashore. You’ll stop for food along the way, drinks in Wellfleet, and end with a night stroll around Provincetown. 

  1. Buffalo Wings, Buffalo

You can’t miss the Anchor Bar, the famous Buffalo wings ‘birthplace’ and then take a tour of the 7 Frank Lloyd Wright structures. 

  1. Biking, National Mall, DC

There’s no better way of cruising the many landmarks of DC than on a two-wheeler. It’s such a memorable ride!

  1. Niagara Falls’ Mist

Niagara Falls is a huge tourist attraction and one that you don’t want to miss. 

  1. Blue Crabs, Maryland

Boat up to the Cantler’s Riverside Inn, Annapolis and crack some crabs and then take a stroll through town. 

  1. Fall Foliage, New England

Hope a car in peak foliage season and ride through Vermont’s byways and just stop for cheese and syrup along the way. 

  1. A Show, Nashville

One of the Nashville great places in the country, at the Grand Ole Opry. Get there and enjoy a show with the world’s best musicians. 

  1. Watch NASCAR, Talladega

Enjoy some quality time at the North Park that has over 100,000 all-time weirdest species.

  1. Alamo, San Antonio

Visit Alamo and experience this significant part of American history. 

  1. Mint Julep, Kentucky Derby

You shouldn’t leave the States without experiencing the thrill of the finest distilleries at the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. 

  1. PB and Banana Toast at Graceland

This is many people’s favorite meal. You also should take a bite at the Memphis’ massive estate.

  1. Tailgate, Grove, Ole Miss

Enjoy a unique pre-game party at the Grove thrown by SEC tailgate. 

  1. Take a stroll at French Quarter, New Orleans

This is a must-stop point for any visitor in this State of the US. 

  1. Enjoy some Good Times in Austin

Enjoy a breakfast taco tour, BBQ, dip in the Barton Springs, and make every moment counts. 

  1. Catch a Game, Wrigley Field

Enjoy a game while sitting in the bleachers, sipping some Goose Island with some Chicago-style hot dog. 

  1. Spend quality time in St. Augustine

This is the oldest town in the country. Here, you can’t go wrong by taking some eighth-grade field trips. 

  1. Millennium Force, Cedar Point

Take a ride on the Millennium Force, Cedar Point; one of the first-ever coasters in the world to exceed 300 feet in height. 

The list of things to do in all the 50 states of America is simply endless. Other ‘hot’ activities and destinations to include in your bucket list include:

  • Canoeing the Boundary Waters, Minnesota
  • Rocking out at Summer-fest, Wisconsin
  • Catching a Michigan game, Big House
  • ‘Food on a Stick’, Low State Fair
  • Swimming in a Great Lake
  • Watching a sunrise, Upper Peninsula
  • Hearing the Indy 500’s roar
  • Driving the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Gazing at the Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park
  • Ski Aspen Highlands, Colorado
  • Strolling Venice Beach, Los Angeles
  • Drive to the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater
  • Hanging out on Cannon Beach
  • Taking a fantastic wine tour, Santa Barbara
  • Hiking at the Glacier National Park, Montana
  • Surfing lesion, San Diego
  • Standing in Arch Rock, the Joshua Tree
  • Watching flying fish, Pike Place Market
  • Walking through the Redwood National Park
  • Catching a rodeo, Wyoming
  • Visiting Mount Rushmore
  • Walking through the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Seeing the Hoover Dam
  • Perusing the shelves, Powell’s, Portland
  • The Washington State Ferry, Orcas Island
  • Trekking the North Rim of Grand Canyon
  • Diving into Puerto, Bioluminescent Bay of Rico
  • Watching the Northern lights, Alaska
  • Watching Lava Flow, Hawaii

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