Tips 10 Things to Know Before Visiting the USA

Tips 10 Things to Know Before Visiting the USA

Posted By: Admin 25 Jul, 2021

The USA is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. People across the globe have an attraction to travel and explore the exotic places of the USA Tips 10 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE VISITING USA.

As much as the idea of traveling to the USA seems exciting, it’s equally important to note down important things about your Trip.

You cannot plan your travel to the USA on a hunch. You will need proper planning for ticket booking and packing. You will require information like the best time to visit, places to explore, packing tips, and other travel guides.

Make sure you don’t miss out to check the cheap flight deals to North America. Here is how you can plan your tour and package travel to the USA.

10 Things to Know Before Visiting USA

Here is a list of 10 important things which you must do or check-in before visiting the USA.

Valid Passport

Most people are unaware of the fact that you will need a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport when visiting the USA. However, there are countries whose citizen requires a passport valid only for the period of their stay.

Check with the official USA and your own country’s website to see which rules apply to you.

Visa Status

It is critical for visitors to the United States to be aware of the entry requirements. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows citizens of certain countries to visit the United States for up to 90 days without requiring a visa. If you are eligible to enter the country under the VWP, you must apply for authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization before traveling (ESTA).

TSA Approved Lock

Locking your luggage while traveling is a great idea – what better way to ensure that your belongings are safe once you wave them off at check-in? The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enforces strict baggage guidelines for safety and security when traveling within the United States. 

All checked bags are screened, and TSA inspectors are allowed to break locks and open bags if they believe they need to be physically inspected. 

A note will be placed inside your luggage to inform you of the situation. It’s best to use a TSA-approved lock to avoid losing it. The TSA official does not need to break yours because these can be opened with a master key.

Health Insurance

While travel insurance is required for any trip abroad, it is especially important when visiting the United States. The country’s healthcare systems are so costly that you’ll wonder if you really need medical help or whether you should just wait it out. 

To be healthy, consider purchasing insurance and carrying a printed copy with you on your trip.

Tipping Culture

Tipping the waiter is customary in America, and failing to do so is considered impolite. Since the minimum wage is so low, it’s customary to leave a 15% to 20% tip to compensate.

If your math is a little rusty, having your phone calculator on hand comes in handy. 

So, if you’re in a restaurant, a pub, or a taxi, remember to tip, particularly if you’ve received excellent service.


In addition to the US mainland, there are islands worth visiting, especially the Hawaiian Islands. This collection of tropical islands is accessible all year.

From the booming metropolis of Oahu to the natural playground of the Big Island, there’s something for everyone. There are plenty of calming as well as adrenaline-fueled moments to be had while visiting these.


The United States of America is divided into 50 states and further divided into regions. The West, Midwest, Northwest, and South are among them. Each of these regions has its own set of geographical features.

The Northeast, for example, is known for its mountain ranges and rugged coastlines, while the Midwest is known for its vast forests, grassy plains, and long lakes. Be sure to explore all the fascinating places in the USA when you visit

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