Top 10 Airports in the USA

Top 10 Airports in the USA

Top 10 Airports in the USA

Posted By: Admin 11 Jan, 2022

There are more than 5,000 public airports and more than 14,000 private airports in the USA. What makes an airport good? There are several factors that make a good airport are airport facilities, managing, parking lots, cleanliness, food and beverages facilities, shopping options, etc. In this, you all will read about the Top 10 airports in the USA.

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco Airport is an award-winning airport that also is one of the busiest airports in the United States. Of America. This airport is situated 13 miles south of Downtown San Francisco, California.

What makes this airport is best is that it works nonstop and is a major flight point for trips to Europe and Asia. It provides world-class facilities to its customers, from museums to shopping and dining options; the airport also has many services for its passengers.

The traffic of the travelers is enormous, just because this airport is the only international platform that is helping the entire Bay Area of the Western US. The San Francisco International Airport has recently taken a few initiatives to reduce the honks and noises in the surroundings and within the airport ground.

Denver International Airport

It is said that The Denver International Airport is known as one of the largest airports and is amongst the top 10 airports in the USA. It is spread in spaces of 135.7 square kilometers. This airline was started in 1995 and now it is operating flights of both international and domestic travelers.

In the Denver International Airport, you will find the seventh-longest runway universally, that is having a length of around 16000 feet. It provides continuous services to 189 different US domestic destinations. Denver airport has parlors, restaurants, and get keepsakes from the shops, or travelers can relax at the massage center.

Los Angeles International Airport

There is a huge number of passengers that are moving in and out of the airport daily. Los Angeles International Airport is situated in California and it is known as the largest airport as it handles about 85 million passengers yearly in terms of traffic.

For the US airline industry, Los Angeles is a hub for Alaska Airlines, delta airlines booking, American Airlines, United Airlines, and JetBlue. It also has additional facilities such as airport lounges, duty-free shops, eateries, and free Wi-Fi.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is spread more than 3230 acres of land. This airport is the best airport for international passengers. With the help of this airport, you will get trips to the Caribbean and Latin American nations. Likewise, travelers flying from and to Miami are around 70 million people yearly. This airport is popular for its world-class service and has all the amenities from restaurants and shops available in the airport.

Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the most active in the whole US due to its central location, which keeps this airport packed throughout the year. Every year it handles over 100 million travelers every year and is further growing flight routes.

It serves 70 different locations on all the continents. Atlanta airport is the most preferred airport in the United States, which sometimes has a great amount of rush that might cause an inconvenience.

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Dallas International Airport

The Dallas International International Airport is spread in the space of 69.63 square kilometers and is among the most occupied airports in the world. It comes on the fourth number in terms of traveler traffic.
This airport is having five terminal buildings with 184 gates. It operates flights to 67 international destinations and 193 domestic destinations.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport is known as one of the biggest airports in New York. This airport is having 6 terminals with 131 doors, 4 runways, and 4 helipads. Every year, this airport handles around 60 million flyers and around 90 airlines work from and depart from here. This airport operates flights to all six continents such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and JetBlue, and also offers passengers a large group of eating choices and lounges which makes it the best choice.

Orlando International Airport

Orlando is known as one of the popular tourist destinations and most often other events take place here. Orlando International Airport is known as the third-largest airport in North America and is the 10th busiest airport as it occurs with daily more than 800 daily flights with the help of more than 40 airlines. It covers an area of 53.83 square kilometers. It has top-rated shops and restaurants to the entrance hall and guest rooms.

O’ Hare International Airport

O’ Hare International Airport is located in the northwest metropolitan area of Chicago and is spread over 7,627 acres. This is the third-largest in the US. In 1926 it was known as Chicago Municipal Airport. It is known as the sixth-busiest airport and also has a high amount of traffic.

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