US Travel Ban

US Travel Ban

Posted By: Admin 31 Jul, 2021

Due to the effect of COVID-19, it’s never been easy to travel in and out of the U.S. Travel Ban Due to the serious work of our selfless scientists and well-wishers, the world was able to sustain the damage caused by this virus.

Many international flights operating in and out of China could not get land in the American solid, a move geared toward controlling the spread of coronavirus. Since vaccination was discovered, the 

us travel ban

The U.S. could open its borders to both international and domestic flights. But that’s not all you should know because some state within the U.S. still requires mandatory quarantine and some of them even have travel restrictions set in place. Let’s look at everything you should know about the U.S. travel ban. 

Travel bans for U.S. citizens state to state

Quarantine Required

Certain states expect anyone traveling to any of the states we shall mention below to undergo mandatory quarantine. So, before you book a flight to any of these states, you should plan effectively to make your journey smooth. 


According to Kansas travel guidelines, any Kansas who have visited states with a high level of COVID-19 transmission rate will undergo a 14-day home quarantine.

The same will apply to an individual who has attended public gatherings without wearing a  mask. Lastly, if you traveled on a cruise ship or internationally on March 15, 2020, or after will also need a 14-day home quarantine. 


If you are traveling to or from Hawaii, you’ll need to present a negative COVID-19 test that was issued within 72 hours of your traveling. This rule applies to both returning residents and visitors. However, you must install the Safe Travels app and upload your negative test result on the app; alternatively, you can present a hard copy proof of negative COVID-19 yet results.

In case you can’t provide the same, you’ll undergo a 10-day quarantine. From May 11, travelers who have received the COVID-19 vaccination can travel between Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai without quarantine or taking the COVID-19 test. 


Before traveling out of Kentucky, you should take a COVID-19 test. Additionally, after your trip, take the test again within 3-5 days and self-quarantine for 7 days.  This restriction started on April 5 but will not apply to fully vaccinated individuals leaving or traveling to Kentucky.


If you have been a resident of Oregon who traveled out of the state, you are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days upon your arrival. However, these travel recommendations aren’t applicable for fully vaccinated travelers. 

New Mexico

From February 11, the state of New Mexico allowed out-of-state travelers not to undergo a self-quarantine.  However, a 14-day quarantine is recommended as well as taking the COVID-19 test.   

Rhode Island

Suppose you are from an area with a high rate of coronavirus infection and traveling to Rhode Island. In that case, you’ll need a 10-day self-quarantine, especially for those traveling on non-work purposes.

Alternatively, you can also produce a negative COVID-19 test. For fully vaccinated travelers, they are exempted from self-quarantine and negative COVID-19 test requirements. However, the final dose must have been taken 14 days before the travel date.

Some Other Restriction

For those traveling to Washington, you’ll not be forced to undergo quarantine. However, you should obey all the C.D.C. guidelines to ensure safe travel without putting the lives of those around you at risk. 

State With No Travel Restrictions

Are you traveling to any of the U.S. states listed below? Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia,

Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Well, these are the only states where you can travel freely without being affected by the travel bans. You won’t need a negative COVID-19 test or be forced into mandatory quarantine. However, you are advised to adhere to set C.D.C. guidelines to ensure everyone around you stays safe. 

U.S. U.K. Travel Ban

Delta Variant of coronavirus is the main reason for the extension of the U.S., U.K. travel ban. Travel from the European Schengen area is still restricted from accessing the American borders.

The new strain variant of coronavirus is said to be on the rise in the United Kingdom. 83% of the COVID-19 infection cases are associated with the Delta Variant.

Due to this very matter, the COVID-19 death rates have increased to 19%. Due to C.D.C.’s recommendation, the U.S. had to put a travel ban on the U.K.

U.S. Travel Ban Countries

In March 2020, the U.S. imposed travel restrictions to counteract the spread of coronavirus. However, the country still has travel bans on other countries, including China, Iran, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Brazil, India, European Schengen area.

The U.S. decided to ban travel to the  European Union only a month after the E.U. added the U.S. to countries that should be free from travel restrictions.

When will the U.S. Travel Ban Be Lifted?

Every news agency has been eyeing for information about when the U.S. travel ban will be uplifted. It has taken longer than enough, and many airlines aren’t able to fly to the major destination, especially in the countries with a travel ban.

The Financial Times reported on June 29 that there was hope as the U.S. government and the U.K. talked over uplifting the U.S. travel ban.

It was assumed that by the end of July this year, the solution could have been found, but it’s imminent that the U.S. Government isn’t planning to uplift those travel bans any sooner. This information was reported by Reuters news agency on July 26.  


FAQs on U.S. Travel Ban


Despite the difficulty, we’ve been facing during and after the first wave of COVID-19, many of us have to continue with our normal lives. Traveling for work or vacation can’t be avoided. Therefore, we encourage you to book your flight via travel agency which we believe can also provide you with information about the U.U.S. travel ban

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