Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Posted By: Admin 13 Jan, 2024

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy | Know More Detail

Hawaiian’s baggage policy is considerate enough to allow you to bring one personal item and carry on baggage for free. Moreover, this policy accepts overweight suitcases if you don’t mind paying a small additional fee.

Further, parents can bring a collapsible stroller onto the cabin for free if they inform customer support early.Get ready, as this article will discuss this broad baggage policy.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Fees

The baggage policy for Hawaiian Airlines says that these payable fees can vary depending on the passenger’s destination country. For example, the officials will charge you USD 30 (first checked bag) if your final destination is within North America.

Expect to pay about USD 40 for the second bag you add if your destination is within this place.

Are you visiting Neighbor Islands like Molokai? Well, the baggage department will anticipate you to pay USD 25 for your first bag and USD 35 for the second checked travel bag.

Hawaiian Baggage Fees for All First-Class Guests

Fortunately, Hawaiian Airlines does not charge these clients for the first two (2) travel bags they add to their reservation. However, the team must ensure the bags comply with all the stipulated weight and size requirements.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy for Sports Equipment

Hawaiian officials allow particular sports tools if they’re lightweight and cannot be considered a weapon. For example,sporty passengers can bring golf bags, balls, and hockey nets.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy for Carry-on bags

Hawaiian’s baggage policy for carry-on lets each traveler bring one small bag plus one small personal item. For example, the item can be a lady’s purse, a small briefcase, or a mini laptop bag.

Hawaiian Baggage Policy for Overweight Travel Bags

Hawaiian’s international baggage policy deems any suitcase weighing 24 and 32 kilograms as overweight and thus special rates apply. The airport officials will demand about USD 50 to clear such a suitcase if you will visit a North American country.

Interestingly, no extra baggage fees apply for all guests visiting New Zealand or Australia.

Hawaiian Baggage Policy for Oversized Travel Bags

Hawaiian officials measure all suitcases to ensure they follow the size requirements. The airport officials consider each suitcase whose total measurements are between 157 and 206 centimeters.

An extra fee of USD 150 applies for each oversized suitcase a guest presents for screening. Are you visiting Canada or the U.S.? Hawaiian officials will ask you to cough up about USD 100 if your suitcase’s measurement falls between these limits.

Forbidden Items

Hawaiian’s new baggage policy restricts the following items on all their planes.

  1. Lithium batteries
  2. Guns
  3. Bats
  4. Tasers
  5. Sprays
  6. Corrosive chemicals
  7. Bullets
  8.  Hockey stick

Hawaiian Baggage Policy for Assistive Devices

Hawaiian’s checked baggage policy welcomes all guests, including those with walking disability. For this reason, they allow such passengers to bring a wheelchair onto the main cabin at no extra charge.

Similarly, the passengers can bring crutches or walkers, provided they notify Hawaiian Airlines’ officials ahead of time.

Does Hawaiian Baggage Policy Allow Guests to Prepare Applicable Fees?

Yes, it does! You can pay the baggage fees if you’re sure about the payable amount based on the weight of the suitcases.

For example, you can prepay these fees when confirming your Hawaiian ticket on the company’s official website.

What’s the Hawaiian Baggage Policy for HawaiianMiles Members?

Technically, Hawaiian’s checked baggage policy says that these members can earn points if they pay their fees. You can redeem your miles to purchase another ticket after accumulating sufficient points.

Updated Hawaiian’s Lost Baggage Policy

Hawaiian baggage handlers must deliver all suitcases to the guests as soon as they arrive at their destination. Sometimes, an official’s error can lead to the loss of a few travelers’ travel bags.

Therefore, you should inform the baggage department if you fail to receive your luggage on time. The operators will call the handlers to search for your travel bag or suitcase.

Are Hawaiian Baggage Fees Refundable?

Yes, they are! Remember that Hawaiian’s checked baggage policy allows one to pay this amount before their flight.

However, you can’t get these fees back if you paid after checking in your Hawaiian Airlines ticket.

Wrap Up

Lastly, Hawaiian’s baggage policy makes traveling with this airline less costly and stressful. Therefore, you should understand all the clauses therein to prepare your travel bags accordingly.

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