United Airlines Change Flight Policy

United Airlines Change Flight Policy

Posted By: Admin 26 Oct, 2023

United’s rebooking rules allow passengers to book an alternative ticket to the same destination. Therefore, you can change the reservation and select another similar flight for any personal reason. Fortunately, the United Airlines flight change policy stipulates all the applicable penalties and other service charges for all reservations.

United Airlines Flight Change Options

Fortunately, United Airlines flight change guidelines suggest multiple ways of modifying a ticket. For example, you change the flight on:

  • United Airlines mobile App

You can change a United Airlines flight on this company’s popular mobile application. The first step is to retrieve the flight with your confirmation number and last name. Tap the ‘search’ option after writing these details in the relevant textbox.

  • United’s official website

Secondly, you can alter your United Airlines booking on the airline’s official site under the ‘My Trips section. You can use your MileagePlus or flight ticket number to retrieve your flight. After that, tap the change/cancel option to start the online ticket change process.

  • Telephone United’s Support Centre

Lastly, you can dial an assistant through United Airlines change flight phone number {+1-(800)-864-8331} to alter an active air ticket. Another option is to call your regional United Airlines customer support office through their hotlines.

Steps-by-step Procedure for Changing a United Airlines Booking

Many passengers prefer to change the air ticket on the company’s official website. This is the quickest online flight change process:

  1.   Visit United’s site
  2.   Go to the ‘My Trips’ section to write your surname and ticket confirmation code.
  3.   Tap your flight, then click the ‘Change Flights’ option
  4.   Click the ‘Edit’ option to remove and add a new United Airlines flight
  5.   Tap a new flight, then click the ‘Continue’ option
  6.   Pay a fair difference if the booking fee is high.

Log in to your email account to confirm whether United Airlines sent you a confirmation message.

United Airlines Flight Change Restrictions

  1. You must modify your United ticket at least 24 hours before the flight.
  2. Passengers don’t pay a flight change fee for all flights originating from the United States.
  3. A passenger can change a United ticket through a third party, such as a registered travel agent.
  4.  You must pay the fare difference for your rebooking to be successful.
  5. All basic economy United Airlines reservations are non-changeable
  6. United flight change does not apply to all local United States flights.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy for Group Tickets

Unfortunately, United Airlines’ change flight policy prohibits flight change requests for group bookings. Therefore, you can only cancel such an air ticket to book an alternative United Airlines booking.

Technically, the airline bars these requests to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, as each group features more than 10 (ten) travelers. Therefore, all the travelers must travel together on the same United Airlines flight.

United Airlines Change Flight Policy for Non-refundable Reservations

This policy prohibits free modification fees for all non-refundable United Airlines tickets. A same-day flight change will cost each Silver tier an average of USD 75. On the contrary, Gold or Platinum members do not have to pay any service fee to alter their United Airlines tickets.

United Airlines Flight Change Fees

Surprisingly, United Airlines flight change policy waives this fee for Economy and Premium ticket holders for flights heading to particular destinations. These countries include:

(i)    United States

(ii)   Virgin Islands

(iii)  Puerto Rico

(iv)  Mexico

Is United Airlines Flight Change Fee Refundable?

Fortunately, United Airlines does not charge a ticket change service fee for many flights. Generally, United Airlines service charges like flight change or cancellation fees are non-refundable. Therefore, you should not demand a refund if you stick to your previous air ticket. You can only receive the balance after all the appropriate deductions.

Does United Airlines Limit How Many Times You Can Change a Flight?

No, they don’t! You can change an unexpired United Airlines booking as often as you please. However, you will have to dig deeper in your pocket to pay the fare difference, taxes, and flight change fees.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy Fee Award Air Ticket

Surprisingly, the same policy applies to all reservations, including an award air ticket. Thus, you can cancel such a reservation at will, as no service charges apply. However, you must modify the air ticket before the set travel date.

United’s Flight Change Policy for Basic Economy Reservations

Regrettably, the United Airlines flight change policy bars any flight changes to a basic economy air ticket. It does not matter whether you wish to alter it before the 24-hour grace period expires.

Therefore, you can strictly cancel the reservation for free within the same day to get your money back. After that, you can book another United Airlines booking, provided you are ready to settle a fare difference.

Changing a Reservation After United Airlines Delays the Flight

Technically, the updated United Airlines flight change policy authorizes passengers to reschedule a flight after a slight delay. Currently, you can only do so if the company reschedules the flight by at least 30 minutes.

Please go to the ticket counter for a support representative to assist you to buy a last-minute flight.

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