Avianca Airlines Seat Selection

Avianca Airlines Seat Selection

Posted By: Admin 4 Jan, 2024

Avianca’s seat selection policy permits customers to upgrade their seats at least a few hours before the flight takes off. Unlike other companies, Avianca’s officials suggest online and offline seat-buying options for convenience and comfort.

Online Avianca Seat Selection

Follow this procedure to select a seat on Avianca Airlines official website.

  •   Use the Main menu to access the ‘My Trips’ webpage
  •   Provide your surname and Ticket confirmation number
  •   Locate the ‘Seat Selection’ tab
  •   Open Avianca’s seat map
  •   Use the ‘Continue’ button to check out
  •   Pay the system-determined Avianca seat selection fee

How Else Can I Buy a Seat on Avianca Airlines After Getting My Ticket?

Avianca Airlines seat selection policy suggests offline options such as:

(i)           Contacting Avianca’s Support Desk

This Latin American airline is reachable at 1 (800) 284-2622 or +1-800-201-4576  from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 18:00 hours.

(ii)          Airport

Secondly, passengers can stop by the counter at the airport to choose a different seat with Avianca Airlines.

(iii)         Travel Agency

Do you hold a third-party Avianca Airlines ticket? Avianca’s seat selection policy expects you to call the respective agency to assist you in seat booking.

Avianca Seat Selection Phone Number for Spanish Customers

Avianca Airlines’ seat selection policy acknowledges all customers, including Spanish passengers. Therefore, the company has an office in Spain to help relevant passengers in seat selection.

Therefore, call +34-(913)-337-053 between 6:30 and 21:30 hours, particularly if Spain is your country of departure.

What Seat Types Can I Consider for My Avianca Airlines Flight?

All Avianca planes feature specific seats such as:

1.    Flatbed

This Business class seat has a comfortable seat you can recline to up to 180 degrees during the flight. Further, it has an in-flight entertainment system to ensure you’re as relaxed as possible.

2.    Premium Plane Seats

These facilities have better legroom and recline angle than Plus seats. Additionally, they have a headrest at the top to ensure your neck muscles are relaxed even when flying to a far-off international city.

3.    Plus

The beauty of these leather plane seats is that they have adjustable headrests and can be reclined.

4.    Economy Seats

These cheap Avianca seats are the least comfortable because they have limited legroom.

5.    Emergency Exit Row Seats

Finally, customers can reserve these Avianca seats if they’re physically fit and above 18 years old. They have a reasonable legroom and armrest to ensure the travelers feel comfortable regardless of the flight duration.

Avianca Seat Selection Rules

A traveler can only book a seat if it’s vacant on Avianca Airlines’ seat map. Therefore, you must open this seating chart to know all the open seats before picking the most affordable and comfortable seat.

Avianca Airlines Free Seat Selection

This option applies to customers who don’t mind any seat during their Avianca Airlines flight. This carrier’s officials allocate seats to all customers, especially if you don’t select one when purchasing the ticket.

Avianca Seat Selection Fees 2024

Typically, Avianca seat selection fee depends on the type of seat a customer selects. For example, you must pay $5 to buy an Economy class seat with Avianca Airlines.

On the other hand, Avianca’s officials charge $12 for one to reserve a seat at the Emergency Exit section. Do you prefer a Premium seat? Set aside $15 for an assistant to book this plane seat for you if they’re open.


Does Avianca Charge for Seat Selection?

Yes, they do! Plus and Premium seat selection costs each passenger about $15, whereas reserving an emergency exit row seat costs $12.

How Much Do I Need to Select a Seat with Avianca Airlines?

Avianca seat selection fees fluctuate depending on the seat a person selects. For example, you must pay $5 to reserve a seat in economy class.

What Happens if You Don’t Select a Seat with Avianca Airlines?

Avianca books seats for all passengers arbitrarily unless you reserve yours during online flight booking.

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