Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Posted By: Admin 13 Jan, 2024

New Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024

All travelers gravitate towards airlines with passenger-friendly refund policies in case they need to cancel their air travel because of an emergency. Over 10 million customers entrust this company because of its hospitable Hawaiian cancellation policy.

This enlightening article will scrutinize the latest Hawaiian flight cancellation policy. You will love the various clauses that this comprehensive policy has for all its guests.

How Can I Cancel My Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

You can nullify your ticket online or offline according to the new Hawaiian cancellation policy. Let us go through the online flight cancellation steps for your benefit.

  1. a)   Search Hawaiian’s official website
  2. b)   Choose the ‘My Trips’ tab
  3. c)   Write your ticket code (6-digit) and last name
  4. d)   Retrieve your flight
  5. e)   Locate the cancel option

Secondly, Hawaiian policy on canceling flights allows you to follow the same procedure to call off your ticket on this carrier’s mobile app.

Hawaiian Cancellation Policy for Basic Fares

The new Hawaiian ticket cancellation policy says- all basic tickets (main cabin) are non-refundable. Therefore, Hawaiian officials don’t allow customers to nullify such reservations unless they have understandable reasons.

Hawaiian Ticket Cancellation Hotline

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the few carriers with a toll-free phone number for passengers, particularly those in Canada and the United States. Therefore, you can phone the call center at +1-(844)-762-0089.

When Do I Deserve a Refund for My Non-refundable Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?

According to the reformed Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, you’re eligible for a small refund despite owning a non-refundable reservation. Here are the 3 (three) circumstances under which the refund team will process travel credits.

  1. A ticket owner can seek a refund if the death of an immediate family member necessitates flight cancellation.
  2. A medical emergency hinders you from traveling with Hawaiian Airlines.
  3. You can cancel it when your superior summons you (a military officer) for official duties.

Are Hawaiian’s Refund Assistants Reachable on Social Media?

Yes, they are! Customers can connect with these operators on giant platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Don’t hesitate to chat with these assistants via inbox and submit all your flight details for refund processing.

Revised Hawaiian Ticket Cancellation Fees

Hawaiian Airlines levies a basic flight cancellation penalty of USD 25 for one to rescind their air ticket. Technically, this penalty hinges on factors like fare type and cabin class.

Therefore, a few customers may pay between USD 100 and USD 200 if they buy tickets for fancier travel classes.

Hawaiian Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Have you read the Hawaiian cancellation policy 24 hours? Here’s some intriguing news-you can call off your reservation on the same day for a full refund. However, this exciting clause targets passengers with all fares, excluding non-refundable reservations.

Hawaiian Cancellation Policy for Medical Reasons

According to Hawaiian flight cancellation policy, clients must fill out a form if they miss their flight for medical reasons. Additionally, attach proof that you were hospitalized for Hawaiian officials to waive a ticket cancellation fee.

Hawaiian Cancellation Policy Refund 2024

Did you cancel your Hawaiian ticket successfully? Please note that Hawaiian Airlines takes 7 to 20 working days to process such a refund (cash or check). The officials will take their time to know whether they should cancel a penalty before refunding you.

Would you like to get travel credits? You can call Hawaiian’s operators after you cancel your refundable ticket to ask them to send you credits to redeem to purchase another flight later.

Ensure you redeem Hawaiian credits within 12 months (one year) after the date of issues because they expire after this duration.

Hawaiian Refund Policy for all Canceled Flights

Hawaiian customer care may call off a given flight for rational reasons such as a weather alert. Fortunately, the Department of Transport asks all airlines (including Hawaiian Airlines) to refund all the affected passengers.

However, the reason must be non-natural for Hawaiian officials to refund all the passengers of the flight in question.

Hawaiian Cancellation Policy for an Award Ticket

Technically, Hawaiian Miles members can cancel their award reservation if they have to without a hassle. You can call customer support to cancel such an air ticket or do so on your HawaiianMiles account under the ‘My Trips’ section.

Hawaiian’s refund assistants need about 7 to 14 office days to re-send you the points you used to reserve this air ticket.


In closing, Hawaiian’s cancellation policy provides considerate timelines for customers to cancel their trip after an emergency. For example, one can nullify a refundable Hawaiian reservation hours before departure and be eligible for a partial refund.

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