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Cali tops the list of the best Colombian city for tourists. Millions of international tourists book cheap flights to Colombia. As you’ll see shortly, multiple airlines fly to this popular tourist destination.

Americans will be happy to know that they can visit Colombia. Today, over ten highly rated airlines sell cheap flights from Cali Colombia to Miami and vice versa. At the moment, such a flight will cost you at least $500.

These airlines sell different types of air tickets such as One-way and return booking. Therefore, passengers can travel to Colombia for a holiday and back. Ordinarily, flights from Miami, Florida to Cali take a minimum of 4 hours.

Book Direct Cheap Flights to Miami

As mentioned above, multiple flag carriers fly from Miami to Cali. Unfortunately, some of these airlines offer stopover flights for diverse reasons. Most passengers prefer direct flights for both convenience and to save time.

Cheap Flights From Bogota to Colombia

Passengers can book cheap flights from Bogota to Cali. You won’t believe that you travel to Cali, Colombia from as low as $60.Technically, there are over five famous airlines that sell such cheap flights to Cali, Colombia.

Some of these airlines include:

    • LATAM Airlines
    • Avianca Airlines
    • Viva Air

Kindly note that the flight fee varies immensely from one airline to another. For instance, LATAM Airlines charges a minimum of $75 for these cheap flights from Bogota to Cali.

Cheap Flights from the UK to Colombia

Passengers from the United Kingdom are free to book cheap air tickets to visit Cali. At the moment, such a flight will cost you at least $550.You’ll be shocked to know that such a flight takes a minimum of 15 hours.

Please note three notable airlines fly from the UK to Cali, Colombia. These are:

  • KLM Airlines
  • Air France
  • American Airlines

Cheap Flights From Fort Lauderdale to Colombia

Travelers from Fort Lauderdale are free to book cheap flights from Fort Lauderdale to Cali, Colombia. Kindly note that such a flight will cost you a minimum of $250.Technically, flights from Florida to Colombia take a minimum of 3.5 hours.

Research shows that two specific airlines offer irresistibly cheap flights from Fort Lauderdale to Cali. These are:

  • Spirit Airlines
  • Copa Airlines

Travel experts recommend that you consider flying on Tuesday or on Saturday. Factually speaking, Friday remains the most expensive day to travel. Planes flying to Colombia, begin the flight from Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida and end it at the Cali Alfonso B. Aragon international airport.

Book Cheap Flights to Miami Online

If you’re in Miami, you’re free to book cheap flights to Colombia. Please note that the average flight fee for such flights stands at $250. Below are some of the airlines you can consider.

  1. Easy Jet Airlines

Studies show that travelers prefer Easy Jet Airlines for these flights. You’ll be shocked to know that the airline charges flyers an average flight fee of $100.Funny enough, during the high season, the booking fee reduces to $75.

  1. Air Italy Airlines

Another popular airline has to be Air Italy. Technically, the airline charges a minimum flight fee of $675 for flights from Miami to Colombia. The beauty of this airline is that it offers direct flights.

  1. Eurowings Airlines

Eurowings Airlines draws thousands of passengers planning to fly from Frankfurt to Miami. Currently, this airline charges an average flight booking fee of $110 for this flight. Ordinarily, a flight from Frankfurt to Miami in Colombia takes an average duration of 11 hours.

  1. Iberia Airlines

Passengers are at liberty to book cheap flights from Miami. More often than not, the airline charges a reasonable booking fee of $600.These days, the airline offers multiple discounted flights to enable it to fly much more affordably.