Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Policy

Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Policy

Posted By: Admin 25 Oct, 2023

Delta Airlines provides several accessible travel services to particular passengers at a fair fee. The airline provides motorized or non-motorized wheelchairs to disabled travelers to help them navigate the airport.

This detailed blog will guide you through how to seek Delta Airlines wheelchair assistance on time.

How to Ask for Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance?

Delta Airlines’ special assistance policy provides various ways of appealing for help from customer support.They include:

A   Delta webpage

You can visit the Delta official website and go to the My Trips section to ask Delta to provide a wheelchair during your flight date. Delta will provide a staff member to wheel you around to various airport sections, if your wheelchair is non-motorized.

B   Call Delta Customer Center

Nowadays, you can chat with a live person or contact Delta Airlines customer support to seek these services. Fortunately, you can call the Delta Airlines wheelchair assistance phone number (+1-800-221-1212 to speak to a live customer care representative.

The agent will ask for your ticket number, travel destination, and surname to notify the Delta Special Services Department.

C  Report at the airport

Do you live close to the airport? Relax as you can go there weeks in advance to report that you might need special assistance during your Delta flight.

D  Delta Airlines mobile app

Open your Delta mobile app and tap the ‘’ My Trips’’ link close to the Check-in option to request help. Next, you must provide the following flight details to appeal for these services.

  •  Last name
  • First name
  • Delta Airlines flight booking number

Click the ‘Submit’ option to move to subsequent steps to inform Delta customer service that you need wheelchair assistance at the airport.

Delta Airlines Wheelchair Policies in 2023

Here are some policies to note before requesting wheelchair assistance.

  1.  Travelers should know that Delta imposes some wheelchair conditions.
  2. You must request wheelchair assistance at least 48 hours before your flight.
  3. You must verify their Delta ticket an hour earlier to enjoy special assistance.
  4. A client can visit the official website or call customer support to ask for wheelchair assistance.

Requirements for Qualifying for Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Here are the eligibility criteria for getting wheelchair help from an airport official.

  • a   A sickly passenger must provide proof of their medical history to get these in-flight and   out-flight services.
  • b   You must seek wheelchair assistance two days before your Delta flight.
  • c   You should arrive at the airport an hour before confirming your Delta Airlines flight.
  • d   You must have a printed Delta ticket to qualify to get a wheelchair.
  • e   You should add your disability when appealing for these services online.

What’s the Cost of Getting Professional Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance?

Passengers don’t have to worry about the Delta wheelchair assistance cost when flying with this airline. Fortunately, the airline provides these services to needy travelers for free regardless of whether they hold a domestic or international Delta ticket.

Who Qualifies to Get Delta Airlines Wheelchair Help?

Delta Airlines does not offer free Delta Airlines wheelchair assistance to all the passengers who request these services. Delta provides wheelchair assistance at the airport to disabled clients or those with some medical issues.

However, you should know that AA will require documentation to prove that you have severe medical-related issues to get flight assistance.

Where to Report to Get Delta Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport

A passenger must report to the airport Help Desk to ask for a wheelchair assistant before their flight. The agent will request  your Delta ticket number to ascertain  that you notified them on time. After that, they will contact the relevant department to connect you with a wheelchair assistant.

Delta Airlines Broken Wheelchair Policy

Delta Airlines might give you a broken wheelchair by mistake, complicating navigating the airport. However, you have no reason to worry as an airport official can offer you another assistive device.

Closing View

Finally, the airline empowers passengers to carry their assistive devices when flying with Delta Airlines. However, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have an assistive equipment, as Delta Airlines has your back. Please request Delta Airlines wheelchair assistance as soon as possible for the staff to make the necessary arrangements on time.

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