Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy

Posted By: Admin 20 Nov, 2023

A traveler might misspell their name or select an unsuitable date when reserving their Southwest Airlines booking online. Fortunately, the airline has a well-thought-out Southwest Airlines change flight policy that makes it easy to modify the reservation.

The policy dictates that you log in to your flight at Southwest Airlines webpage before managing it to suit your preference. This brief write-up will explain this reliable process step-by-step.

How to Change a Southwest Airlines Flight Online?

Don’t worry if you made an error when completing a ticket on Southwest’s webpage. Here is how to remedy this mistake for good.

1.    Change the flight on the Southwest web page.

Feel free to visit the Southwest Airlines webpage and tap the ”Manage My Booking” option on the main menu. Next, click the ‘Change Name’ option and enable the open new webpage, for the system to redirect you to a new page.

Type your full name in the empty field before taping the ”Update” option. Please confirm your first,middle and surname before submitting these details to Southwest Airlines to update your flight details.

2.    Modify your book on the Southwest App.

You can download the Southwest mobile App to change your Southwest Airlines booking for personal reasons. Kindly open this app after installing it on your smartphone and click the ‘Manage My Booking’’.

After that, you should follow the on-screen prompts to re-edit your flight before printing the boarding pass.

Offline Ways of Changing a Southwest Airlines Ticket

Below are a few offline options for modifying a Southwest Airlines flight booking.

(I) Call Southwest Airlines Help Line

These days, you can call Southwest Airlines’ phone number to change a flight at least 2 hours before the set flight. Pick up your phone to talk to an agent at +1-800-535-1305 at your convenience for free flight change services.

(II) Go to your nearest Southwest Local Offices.

Travelers within the United States are lucky as Southwest Airlines has regional offices in Dallas, San Jose, and Washington D.C. Therefore, they can walk into the closest local office to ask a representative to rectify the misspelling on their flight.

(III) Speak to your Southwest Airlines travel agent.

This airline has partnered with several reliable travel agencies to help clients book, change, or cancel their Southwest air tickets. You cannot change a Southwest Airlines  ticket on the webpage if you bought this booking through a travel agent.

Stringent Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policies

You should note the below Southwest Airlines flight change policies when purchasing an air ticket.

  • Customers can change their travel destination at a USD180 service charge.
  • Southwest Airlines’ name change fee increases the more one delays.
  • Passengers can leverage Southwest Airlines’ change flight time policy to select a suitable time at a meager fee.
  • You can change your flight date provided you keep the previous origin and travel destination during online ticket management.
  • Travelers must know that a few hidden fees, such as taxes, might apply after changing a Southwest Airlines booking.
  • Fare differences rarely apply for a same-day Southwest Airlines flight change.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Time Policy

You can modify your Southwest Airlines booking to a different time hours before departure. The Southwest Airlines change flight policy permits you to switch to another flight if it’s not booked fully. The representative will consider your request if there’s an available passenger seat.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy in 2023

Recently, the airline updated their Southwest Airlines flight change to enable passengers to edit their names before the deadline. Therefore, Southwest customer care can change your flight booking at a non-refundable fee of USD40.

For example, you can rectify a spelling error or add a first or middle name to your Southwest Airlines booking.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Service Fees

Fortunately, this carrier does not charge a Southwest Airlines change flight fee to modify an air ticket for travelers. However, you should be ready to pay a fare difference, especially if you upgrade your Southwest Airlines booking.

Southwest Airlines Same-day Ticket Change Policy

The Southwest Airlines same-day flight change terms and conditions lets you swap flights if there’s an available seat. The beauty of this travel policy is that it forbids customer care from levying a Southwest Airlines change flight fee.


You must note that your full name will appear on your Southwest Airlines boarding pass. For this reason, it’s commonsensical to visit the Southwest webpage to correct this error before traveling to avoid an altercation with the airport officials.

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